Valerie is a rare solution developer. Many providers can either offer training or consulting, but most don't do both well. Valerie does, extremely well. Most providers know about either, sales, or service, or leadership, but most can't do it all well. Valerie can, and with class, elegance and style. Most providers have one person who is the relationship manager, and then someone else who actually creates or delivers the solution. Valerie does it all, with a mature understanding of the business issues with which most industries are challenged. You can't go wrong bringing Valerie Atkin into your business for any developmental and growth need. - Bruce Fern, Senior Managing Consultant, IBM Global Business Services

We are intentionally small

Valerie collaborates with select partners whose collective experience allows them to offer "big company" expertise without the overhead or bureaucracy. Now, more than ever, time is of the essence. They are very careful to do only what is necessary. They do not have a standard approach and come to each client with lots of experience and an open mind. This translates into targeted and cost-effective solutions.

Valerie Atkin, founder

Valerie's passion for training and consulting excellence requires she tell the truth and refuse assignments she feels are ill-fated or others may be better able to address. She is known as annoyingly realistic and simple, which is to say she doesn't complicate unnecessarily. Before founding Wells Street, she held a variety of positions including Organizational Analyst at DuPont, Manager of Development at Stauffer Chemical, National Accounts Manager at Zenger Miller, and Regional Vice President at MOHR Development. She has served as Marketing Chair on the International Enneagram Association Board of Directors, the president of the University of Michigan Museum of Art Friends Board, and vice president of the Saugatuck Douglas Historical Society. Email Valerie at


Integrative Enneagram Solutions

Integrative Solutions is a South African based company specializing in using the Enneagram as the structural foundation for individual, team and organization development solutions. They have a passion for creating intelligent, intuitive and easy to use products, yet with phenomenally advanced complexities underneath the surface. At the heart of our products lies our Integrative Intelligent Questionnaire technology. Our company provides local and international solutions to clients.

  • Lucille Greeff is an Organization Development practitioner, Assessment Centre specialist and Facilitator. She is currently completing her PhD in Organization Behavior with the University of Pretoria. She is registered with the SABPP and HPCSA in South Africa.
  • Dirk Cloete is a business entrepreneur with experience in building interactive online database technologies, which are user friendly and graphically beautiful. He also has a passion for studying and integrating different models of human behavior, consciousness and spirituality.

Email Lucille or Dirk for more information. Learn more at .

Heidi Frye

Throughout her twenty-year career, Heidi has learned and used the best and most effective practices in sales, team building, training, and coaching & mentoring--having worked directly for, and achieved numerous performance awards in, Fortune 500 companies: Xerox; Boston Scientific; and EMC. She has earned a reputation for integrity and doing the right thing, as well as delivering high-quality service and achieving results while keeping an eye on the bottom-line. You can contact Heidi at