First off, Valerie is smart. Really smart. She is also articulate, witty, quick-minded, thoughtful, clever and creative. Needing support to get some strategic business things accomplished, I initially hired Valerie to be my coach/taskmaster. I am accomplishing tasks. No question Valerie gets high marks for this alone. But I am also getting way more out of our coaching relationship than I expected. Valerie is a teacher, a mentor, and a wise friend. In a very short time, she has had a marked impact on my life both professionally and personally.
- Stephanie Ross, coaching client

Our coaching is unique. Why?

Because we use the Enneagram as a portal to understanding and we know there is no one right way to work with a coaching client. Everything is tailored to you. Together we grow. We'll refer you to another colleague if we think there is a better partner for you. Some coaching options are:

  • Strategic - Establish business vision, mission, strategy
  • Leadership - Inspire and create followership
  • Change - Chart the course and captain the ship
  • Interpersonal - Make sure your intent and impact are congruent
  • Your personal brand - What people think of when they think of you
  • Skills - Learn new skills and behaviors
  • Conflict - Make conflict productive (It's possible)
  • Balance - Build resilience to increase flexibility between roles
  • On-Boarding/Transition - Gracefully move into a new position
  • Time Utilization - Manage your focus and energy
  • Challenge - Gently disrupt your thinking
  • Personal - Just for you and who you want to become
  • Sounding Board - "May I run this by you?"

You don't have to go it alone.