Working with Valerie Atkin was one of the key factors in the successful acquisition of my business. Valerie has a uncanny ability to fully engage herself with the entire company and navigate through the politics and individual personalities that get in the way of implementing a successful business plan. Her consulting and coaching allowed us to bring together not only the Senior Leadership Team, but the entire organization. We now have the right people focused on doing the right things. - Mark Bauer, President, WorkPlace Resource

Wells Street Consulting has helped....

Facilitate change for:

  • Fortune 50 pharmaceutical employees who had recently experienced a major merger and needed an opportunity to explore the implications, their feelings, and to move on
  • A sales organization that was restructuring to be more market focused
  • A newly appointed general counsel who faced extremely challenging organizational and personnel issues
  • Fortune 50 manufacturer and its distribution network to improve customer focus and loyalty

Increase team trust and build collaboration for:

  • A global regulatory group that was struggling and needed a charter, contract and clear ground rules to work productively at a distance
  • Product development teams who must garner resources from across the enterprise to reduce value leakage in the development process

Valerie has worked with most clients for many years. By getting to know the organization, it's direction, culture, people, and issues, she provides increasing value over time. Offering suggestions that can actually be successfully implemented, while maintaining an objective, external perspective.

Let's find answers together.