Valerie is an insightful facilitator who addresses individual's issues that are roadblocks to progress while inspiring the vision of how effective the team can be. She creates a positive, focused environment where each participant leaves accountable for themselves as well as committed to the success. She's a great facilitator! - Karen Stratton, Vice President, East Area and Government Sales, Herman Miller

Facilitate - from the French faciliter "to render easy"

After over 35 years (but who's counting) of experience, Valerie has worked with almost every type of team on a multitude of topics. Often a neutral party is beneficial - sometimes even essential -- to ensure all parties are engaged and included the process. These facilitated discussions might be convened to establish a vision, make a decision, solve a problem, craft a change strategy, or lessen a conflict situation.

Some recent Wells Street Consulting facilitation engagements:

  • Redefining roles for a senior leadership team
  • Rebooting the interface between sales, design, and project management
  • Uncovering unspoken agreements between regional sales offices and dealers and creating clearer expectations
  • Opening channels of honest communication while a government sales effort was redesigned
  • Assessing the spin-up of new product development team leaders
  • Assisting a global project team in establishing global collaboration strategies
  • Imaging possibilities with a community not for profit

Be part of the team.