Your presentation woke up the spiritual sales warrior in me, and believe me, it's been in a coma for quite a while!! - Katherine Culhane

Valerie has delivered speeches to all shapes and sizes of audiences and would love to give more. They are custom built, listener-centered, practical and create repeat requests.

For instance:

  • You WILL leave your business - First Steps Toward Succession Planning
  • Change: It's Here to Stay
  • Sales Finesse: Doing the Important Things Well
  • Three Selfish Reasons to Build Leaders in Your Organization
  • Why You Do What You Do - Decoding Motivation
  • Are You Really Listening? Hello? (It Could Change Your Life)
  • Demystify Customer Loyalty
  • Change Resilience: You Wouldn't Drive Your Car Until It Ran Out of Gas, Why Do It To Yourself?
  • You're Not The Boss of Me: Leading Without Direct Authority
  • Salespeople: Stop Creating Objections - Here's How.
  • The “What” Doesn’t Matter Without the “How”.

Listen and learn.