Where is your bucket leaking?

Silent Profit Leaks

Wells Street Consulting focuses on the silent profit leaks. Not as readily observable or as easy to measure as financials but draining the bottom line all the same.


There is irrefutable evidence that enhancing trust increases the speed, ease, and therefore profitability of organizations. It is not elusive. It can be strengthened or rebuilt by being willing to address it openly, making new agreements, and focusing on specific behaviors. Trust leads to increased engagement and that does more than trickle down to the bottom line.

Change and Change Resilience

Change is rarely easy. In times of uncertainly, it becomes particularly challenging. Resistance is to be expected and is only negative if you make it so. Utilizing a proven planning process and model can reduce resistance and increase change resilience, which "pays forward" to all future changes.

Team Development and Coaching

There is a significant difference between optimum team performance and maximum team performance. With so many teams working flat out (and burning out in the process) understanding the ways to optimize leads to more effective team experiences, better collaboration between teams, and productive outcomes.

Interface Management

Like trust, collaboration reduces cost. Collaboration is the organizational grease that allows all the gears move more smoothly, more productively, AND more enjoyably.

The Cost of Quiet

The statistics are shocking. Lack of employee engagement and unwillingness to share tough truths create enormous hidden costs. Creating a listening organization opens the flow of information and allows for employee engagement and synergy.

Making Conflict Productive

It is not only possible to make conflict productive, its critical. Productive conflict affords the best diverse thinking, enhances creativity, and improves engagement which, in turn, increases the likelihood of successful execution. Most people avoid conflict, smoothing over just enough to make forward progress but without resolving the underlying issues that may then galvanize and reappear.

Plug Your Leaks!