Customized Learning Solutions

You practice what you teach! I must say this is the best class I have taken in years! Great job! These are skills I can apply immediately. - Caterpillar Manager

Wells Street Consulting offers training programs linked to consulting, stand alone, and through trainer training. All training is highly customizable and can be chunked into small segments or snapped together into larger ones.

The following areas have developed materials and all originated from a client need.

  • Leading Change. Successful change depends on focusing on critical leverage points. Clearly defining what will and will not change, redirecting the energy of resistance, and engaging and enrolling the team.
  • Change Resilience. Come learn to ride the waves of change more comfortably. You might even enjoy it!
  • Emotional Intelligence/Leveraging Differences. The Enneagram is the (no longer) secret decoder ring of motivation. Working with it will increase your level of compassionate understanding for others (and yourself) and significantly increase your effectiveness as a leader, team member, salesperson or parent.
  • Listening So It Matters. Listening is the willingness to be changed by what you hear. Are you? The connection that comes from generous listening can change your relationships and your health.
  • Trust: Getting It and Keeping It. The most fragile element of business today. Look at trust from a behavioral point of view and progress is possible.
  • Selling Distinctions. Successful salespeople don't sell product and services; they build relationships and offer solutions that fulfill promises. Learn the foundational skills used by the most effective few.
  • Putting Time on Your Side. We've left the days of prioritization and entered the days of triage. Time cannot be manufactured or managed but our focus and energy can.
  • Consulting Skills and Secrets. If you provide a service; you are a consultant. Learn the secrets that can make or break the client relationship.
  • Selling Your Recommendations. A great idea is worthless if it can't be sold and implemented. Become more persuasive in challenging situations.
  • Powerpact Coaching. The Why-Who-When-Where-What and How of effective performance coaching.
  • Listener-Centered Presentations . . . The Antidote to Death by PowerPoint. Learn how to make presentations fun and wildly effective.
  • Team Camp. Team Camp starts with a diagnostic process that tailors the tools to the team.

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