Valerie Atkin

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  • Peer Group Leader

  • Founder, Wells Street Consulting

I founded Wells Street Consulting in 1991 out of desire and necessity. Desire to be a good mother and maintain some semblance of balance as I pursued work I loved. Necessity because the small consulting firm where I worked ‘merged’ with a larger firm. Their promised idea of balance and mine were not aligned: proof positive that the difference between a merger and an acquisition is 20 minutes! Gratefully, a major client chose to join me and others soon followed. Wells Street Consulting was born.

Together We Grow

When my eldest was in second grade, her teacher asked the class what their parents did. My daughter said, “My Mom gets paid to tell people to be nice to each other”. That’s not too far off. My focus is helping people be nicer to themselves (by better utilizing their strengths, addressing their limitations and blind spots, and becoming more resilient), and to each other (by building more effective teams and organizations).


Study of neuroscience helps us see how we are so very much alike and our ability to build new emotional and behavioral pathways. The Enneagram helps us have compassion for and appreciate our differences and is a remarkable growth map. Both inform my work and my life.



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