What Clients Say

  • Working with Valerie Atkin was one of the key factors in the successful acquisition of my business. Valerie has an uncanny ability to fully engage herself with the entire company and navigate through the politics and individual personalities that get in the way of implementing a successful business plan. Her consulting and coaching allowed us to bring together not only the Senior Leadership Team, but the entire organization. We now have the right people focused on doing the right things

    Mark Bauer President, WRG Texas
  • You practice what you teach! I must say this is the best class I have taken in years! Great job! These are skills I can apply immediately.

    Caterpillar, Manager
  • Your presentation woke up the spiritual sales warrior in me, and believe me, it's been in a coma for quite a while!!

    Katherine Culhane
  • First off, Valerie is smart. Really smart. She is also articulate, witty, quick-minded, thoughtful, clever and creative. Needing support to get some strategic business things accomplished, I initially hired Valerie to be my coach/taskmaster. I am accomplishing tasks. No question Valerie gets high marks for this alone. But I am also getting way more out of our coaching relationship than I expected. Valerie is a teacher, a mentor, and a wise friend. In a very short time, she has had a marked impact on my life both professionally and personally.

    Stephanie Ross Coaching Client
  • Val is a dynamic force for good. Every team, no matter their competency, can benefit from Val's leadership.

    Todd Herring ArtPrize
  • Valerie is an insightful facilitator who addresses individual's issues that are roadblocks to progress while inspiring the vision of how effective the team can be. She creates a positive, focused environment where each participant leaves accountable for themselves as well as committed to the success. She's a great facilitator!

    Karen Stratton Vice President, East Area and Government Sales, Herman Miller
  • Val worked with our staff and board members one-on-one, in small management groups, and for an all-staff retreat. She brings expertise, enthusiasm, empathy, and energy to every exchange!

    Dana Friis-Hansen CEO and Director, Grand Rapids Art Museum